By preserving our countryside, we aid in protecting not just its fish and wildlife, but its biodiversity

Osen Gard, in its entirety, proudly became what is now officially a nature reserve. Osøyra Nature Reserve was formed in 2023 and will ensure, not just now, but for generations to come, the pristine wilderness surrounds.
Osøyra lies in a mild and coastal-influenced landscape southeast of Florø. The proportion of rainforest species is high for being so far north, and for some species there are both geographically interesting records and nationally important populations.

Within the reserve, eight specific areas are designated for protection. Two of these area consist of large, old (hollow) oak trees. Then five areas are natural rainforest, one being old, boreal deciduous forest. The remainder contain rare, threatened, and vulnerable species of moss, namely Donns Notchwort and Straw prongwort.

Western Norwegian rainforest is a type of forest for which Norway has special management responsibility, and which thus also makes the area worthy of protection. Both boreal rainforest with pine and poor boreonemoral rainforest will be able to help ensure a more representative selection of forests in the county for the future. There is a lot of spruce in central parts of the area which threatens the conservation values, and with the status of a nature reserve we will be able to take measures to secure the natural forest and the rare species.

The entire area dedicated for protection is 876 hectares. A proud moment for Osens history.