Conservation of the river, its resources and our precious Atlantic Salmon is always in focus

Atlantic Salmon are one of the most prized targets for anglers the world over. Especially large Norwegian Atlantic Salmon. That aside, these fish deserve a place in our ecosystems and with that they deserve and desperatley need our protection. Through sportfishing and correct management of fisheries, funding and sustainability are ensured to protect this species. At Osen Gard we have worked tirelessly with our conservation policy for almost 15 years now. With catch a release as a foundation, we have worked with habitat and our hatchery to work towards providing the best environoment for both juvenile and adult salmon. A wild broodstock hatchery was implemented and ran for 11 years. This intended to give the rivers stocks a boost, particularly in the upper reaches of the catchments. With fish now returning in larger numbers than ever and higher into the catchment than ever we are confident of how these projects have assisted our prized salmon. However our work is not done and we continue to work with authorities and biologists to improve, where we can, this stunning river.