The Family

Hans Terje and Odny Anonsen
Osen Gards owners and preservers

Helge Anonsen
Helge is a passionate Salmon angler and conservationist.
He runs the River Owners Association.


Mark Taylor
Mark manages Osen Gard where he has been guiding and working since 2001.

James Topham
James is our head guide and full time with us.
James has been with us since 2013.

Pawel Zajaczkowski
Our Chef. Pawel has now joined full-time with Osen Gard.

Julita Bungaite
Julita has been with us now for ten seasons.
The firm hand that keeps the house (and staff) in order!

Christian Lindstrom
Christians second year with us, and behind him, an extensive career in Salmon guiding spanning from Sweden, Scotland to Russia and Argentina.

Wiki Gawlikowska
Wiki has been with us for two seasons and assists Julita in running the main house.

Per Heimset
Born and raised in Osen, Per is our Hunting leader and knows every millimetre of the farm. A passionate hunter and conservationist, Per leads our hunting groups through the autumn.