Nay, the salmon is not lost; for pray take notice, no man can lose what he never had.

As you enter the lodge area at Osen Gard, you are welcomed by a bronze sculpture of Lady Ballantyne´s massive 64lb Atlantic Salmon, still the largest taken by a Lady, on the River Tay. These fish run the little Osen River as well and are hooked every season, yet few anglers can put their name on fish over 30lbs, the pools are short, and the river meanders and turns, landing any fish of over 20lbs can test even the most experienced Salmon angler.

Alongside the statue, you will also see the quoted text of the father of flyfishing Isaac Walton (1700 century), aptly stating….

“Nay, the salmon is not lost; for pray take notice, no man can lose what he never had.”

Osen Gard boasts around 4 km of both banks of the river Osen (Vestre Hyen) which in total runs approximately 22km from the source to where it runs into the fjord at the bottom of our property. The entire estate and river are completely secluded, ensuring a totally private experience for its guests, and wondering the riverbanks with your fly rod will go undisturbed other than the friendly faces of your own fishing compatriots or our fishing guides.

We cater for 6-8 rods on an exclusive rental basis, and it is a flyfishing-only beat. The river is run on a strict catch management policy, and for the last 5 years, we have run with around a 90%+ catch and release rate. The results this policy has brought us over the last 10 years are notable, and our catches have improved year on year to now give us what we certainly feel must be some of the best flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon on the West Coast of Norway.