Osen Gard is a an exquisite 3000 acre farm and country lodge situated in the beautiful province of Sunnfjord, on the west coast of Norway. The magical Osen river runs the last 3 km of its 27km course, through the property, as if sculpted to fit the layout of the premises, and is an exceptional small Atlantic Salmon river. Its fishing season runs the summer months of June, July and August, and is rented on an exclusive basis by anglers that have, with time, become part of the Osen family.

Steep mountainsides and hilly terrain surround the farm, and offer high quality deer hunting for Red Deer through the autumn and early winter.

With a deep respect for nature and conservation, the lodge, river and surrounding wilderness are managed and cared for in detail, to provide a first class experience to all that visit us.

Welcome to Osen Gard


Osen Gard boasts around 4 km of both banks of the river Osen which in total runs approximately 22km from source to where it runs into the fjord at the bottom of our property.


Through the cooling autumn months, the mountains come alive in the presence of Norwegian Red Deer. These are stalked and hunted through a 4 month season.

Our History

The main lodge “Fiskerhuset” was built around the turn of the 19th century, although there is strong evidence showing human presence at the farm since the early 15th century.

The Lodge

Here, our guests relax in a country home that has kept its character and its history, still in the walls, make for a truly authentic countryside experience.


We play an active role in local river management. Together with the other proprietors of the river we are engaged in a range of conservation activities.


Here you can find all the latest news and events from Osen Gard including fishing and catch news.