Osen is a pristine wilderness, and a healthy population of Red Deer roam free here.

Through the cooling autumn months, and into the start of winter, we navigate the tough west coast terrain in search of European Red Deer. State governed quotas are strictly followed through a 3 month season where we are 'allocated' roughly 15 animals per season.

Hunting with us is not for the faint-hearted. Long, beautiful walks through stunning mountain scenery make for steep and tough walks while trying to find and track down these intelligent and majestic animals. A strict management policy is in place for the hunting as it is with the fishing, . This is not a trophy hunting operation, and in co-operation with our local hunting and landowners committee, we shoot on the basis of a 3 year quote system. This dictates how many Stags, Hinds as well as younger animals and calves are 'culled' to maintain a strong and healthy population.

This is an all-round hunting experience.

We have our own abattoir, and all deer are processed on the property. The majority being used during our season for guest meals, the rest being sold to our family of clients, or to local restaurants.