Hans Terje and Odny Anonsen:
Owners of Osen

Mark Taylor:
Mark manages Osen Gard. Mark has been guiding and working at Osen since 2000 and is also the owner of

James Topham
James is a professional flyfishing guide and now a firm part of the Osen family after 8 seasons. 

Stuart Webb
Stuart takes over from Rory this year. An experienced guide with heaps of experience.

Helge Anonsen:
Helge runs the farms conservation project and is head of the river owners association

Chef Pawel

Pawel Zajaczkowski
Pawel has been our fabulous head Chef for the 2020 season. He works at Colonialen in Bergen when not at Osen Gard.


Julita Bungaite:
Julita has been with us now for 8 seasons and is the firm hand that keeps the house (and staff) in order!

Irmina Bungaite
Irmina returned for the 2020 season at Osen Gard after a few years break. Great to have her back.